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Social Media and Business Marketing is SoLoMo – Have you Started your Campaign?

Social Media and Business Marketing the SEO’s call it SoLoMo

Its been called Social Media and Business Marketing, Social marketing or Social Media for business. You can call it what you want to but this is clear – it is here to stay. If you have not put your business on Local business directory’s like Yelp.com, Foursquare.com, YP.com, you should, today. In fact stop reading this article, bookmark it, now go to Yelp and start your profile, your losing out on business! Just by doing that you will get at least 10 new customers a month.

You see, over 65% of searches now are conducted on GPS enabled mobile devices. And a 125% increase in mobile based social media activity senescence lasted year, the beginning of a new era is upon us. This one going  to have an even greater impression on businesses than the industrial revolution.

What is Social Media and Business Marketing? Do you need it for your business?

Strategic impressions with strategic implementation with mobile device technology.

Social interaction with local businesses and customers, unite on mobile device platforms to complete the circle of Consumerism. No longer do you have to guess about services or food from a business that you have never tried before. Simply search it form your mobile device and you will find millions of people sharing their reviews. Reviews have become like trophy’s for businesses. This good because it will bring the power back to us consumers. The power triangle of Solomo puts social buyers back on top were we belong.

Google has now started indexing all social activity, likes, tweets, bookmarks and gives each gravity in search ranking. Not only that but has redesigned the search page so that local business have a area all to their own, like PPC has had for years. ( PPC is the first 2 Sponsored Links you see at the top bottom of every page of search results.) Google’s launch of Google+ Local combined with its purchase of Zagat and Motorola; Facebook scaling up their mobile strategy and acquiring Gowalla. We should expect to see increasingly social moves across the industry in the coming months.

The full potential of SoLoMo has not been scene yet.

Decide if a Social Media and Business Marketing is right for your business answer the following questions:

  • Do you have a need for more business? – If you are a sandwich maker can you make more sandwiches during an average day with out being overwhelmed? Every directory your listed on brings in more customers to your establishment. Low average is 10 per month, with directory’s like Yelp this number is more like 20-30 that’s 1 new customer per day.  This average is for a business that’s been listed for 6 moths and has more than 11 reviews, four stars.
  • Do you have the ability to give discounts or coupons? – Does your product or service flexibility in the  cost? Wholesale to Retail?
  • Would you like to put your business information in front of mobile device users at the moment they are looking for a business type like yours?
  • Would you like to market your business for free? Write your own coupons-offers change them daily?

It’s never to late to start your campaign, just start listing your business on directory’s. If your thinking about doing it but don’t now where to start. Try This.

SoLoMo Marketing is a hot trend in 2013, and new Social apps and technology are being released every day. You do not necessarily have to do it on your own a business to benefit from it. 1000’s of new Affiliate marketers start careers in social marketing each day! Engage and you will find social media provides something for everyone.

Establish presence on existing networks Foursquare, Google+ Local, Facebook Mobile, Twitter or Yelp are among the best. Use this search tool to see where your listed already  You may be surprised to see what your business looks like. After visiting one of your business profiles on line the next step is to claim it. Claiming it will allow you to customize:

  • How it looks
  • What text is displayed
  • Add Hours of Operation, Services, Menu, Product list, etc.
  • Pictures, Video
  • Coupons, Check-in offers, Discounts
  • Address customer comments and reviews
  • Add categories and Keywords

Think of each profile page as another small website that’s free and gets thoasands of customer views per month. Search around in the admin panel for new options and opportunities to promote your businesses to  create unique experiences for your customers

Prepare your Business Website site for Mobile Users and Increased Traffic

Create a mobile version of your site HTML5 is well optimized for mobile, so are some WordPress themes
Continually experiment with Mobile promotions SMS marketing, QR codes, coupons on local directory’s. Find what works, repeat it, a lot.

You do not have to be a local retail business to embrace it, however if you are, you cannot afford ignore it any longer. Remember, the early bird gets the worm.
It may seem new, but there are increasing numbers of potential partners who can help you create a unique and compelling experience for your customers.

Social Media and Business Marketing

Use the  Visibility Tool Tool Free! An Initial Analysis like this would cost at least $99.See everything on line about YOUR business.

When your ready to use the Total Directory Domination 
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