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Commercial Fishermen

Jeff M Christensen Commercial Fishermen on the west coast, from Mexico to Canada. 2001 to 2006

Early in life I challenged myself by picking the hardest  and most dangerous job that I could. Just to say I had been Commercial Fishing.

I found a boat captain that was willing to take me out on a trip. I managed to negotiate  a pair of rain gear to borrow but I would not get paid for the trip. After I acclimated to the ocean , I loved it.

2 days later we arrived back in San Francisco harbor with a full boat of crab. In-fact we had over $17,000 in Crab, deck hands make 10% that’s $1700 bucks. To bad I wasn’t making any of it. But this was the turning point for me in life. I knew what I wanted to do for work, at least for a year or two.

Over the next 5 years I would spend 4 months to 10 months a year on the water fishing for Crab, Salmon, Albacore, Swordfish, Mako and Thrasher Shark. I’ve caught literary a million plus pounds of each.

In 2005 the environmentalist managed to shut down Salmon fishing completely. Plus my daughter was to be born soon, so I jumped back into the ATM sales with Swipe USA.
Fishing Vessels I was on:

  • Mary Vincent – Capt. Billy Murtha                        Moss Landing, Ca.
  • Sea Adler – Capt. Steve Phosmark /son Eric         Moss Landing, Ca.
  • Captain Banjo – Capt. Skip McMasters                   Eurka, Ca.
  • Phantom – Capt. Ernie Smith                                   Moss Landing, Ca.
  • The Shadow – Capt. Gary Tanner                            Moss Landing, Ca.
  • Realization – Capt. Chad  Dolburg                          Halfmoon Bay, Ca.

Jeff M Christensen Commercial Fishermen

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