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Me – Jeff M Christensen

Jeff M Christensen

Born, just outside of Sacramento.

I stand a mire 5’ 7” medium build; I have a dark brown hair and eyes, due to my Italian heritage. I am  highly focused and dedicated when it comes to my work and are driven  results.

I like to think that I am quite relaxed about life in general. I’m a positive person and get along well with people in a work and social environments. I am self-motivated, hard-working, team player who enjoys learning from others as well as teaching and leading. I never have problems taking direction from peers. Along with being a fast learner, I have the ability to think outside the box quite easily. I pride myself on doing the right thing and treating others with respect.

My life has been entertaining to say the least.

I grew up when I had my daughter Bella.

Commercial fished for 6 years for everything in the sea. From Mexico to Canada as far as 1000 miles out.
Fought fires along the California coast in CDF hotshot crew. Launched and executed countless businesses in extremely different verticals. Starting from a very young age I was an entrepreneur.

Learning is my biggest passion, with lasagna coming in a very close second.

I like to think that I am quite relaxed about life in general. I believe in treating others with respect, even if they don’t respect themselves. Happiness for me comes from spending time with family and friends. I make the most of life or what’s left of it, living adventurous, looking always for fun.

I find myself often at 9 o’clock PM “free time” reading another countless article on the web, but this combined with a nice glass of vino makes it a perfect relaxing combination for me. Escaping from the city to the peaceful surroundings makes me remember and appreciate life at sea.

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