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Jeff M Christensen Wildland Firefighting

At 18 years old I fought forest fires in California and along the coast line, from San Diego to Crescent City. CDF is California’s defense against forest fires. I operated a Chain Saw and was first saw on crew for 3 years. I was on the fire crew/team for approx 2 years. As a first saw crew member it was my responsibility to direct the team through the easiest and safest path while cutting fire-line. To limit risk and expedite the line cutting process.

Work on fire-line – cutting grade.
Position: 1st Saw Swamper. 1200 fire-hours
General Maintenance – Clean, maintain, rebuild if necessary All tools used in Fire Fighting.
Team Inspection – Organize and lead inspections of equipment and tools
Inventory Management – Keep updated inventory spreadsheets with actual count of supply’s and tools
Work endurance – This is where a acquired my work ethic. The motto “there is no quit” still echos in my mind. I spent many 24 hour cycles cutting line in the middle of nowhere, somethings being “dropped in by Helicopter”. This one though is what kept me going. Jeff M Christensen Wildland Firefighting

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