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Jeff M Christensen – Marketing CV

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A couple years ago, our marketing director was working on a contract to place ATM machines at the Oakland Coliseum. He had been working on the deal for about three months. And hadn’t been able to get anywhere, so I asked him if I could try  to either pick up where they left off or present a new offer. He told me sure go for it but I wasn’t going to get any traction. It took around five calls to get through th GK, but when I did I found out what they were interested in had nothing to do with money and everything to do with customer service. What I did was very simple I asked the receptionist what problems she had noticed that the ATM was having. She told me ATM company, had horrible service and took 24 hours to 48 hours to come out and service the machines. This was a big problem because on game day there are thousands of people and that’s when the ATMs need to be up and running.

The next time we talked I told her that we would provided on-site technicians at the events to monitor our ATMs. This is all I needed to push the door wide open. I had an appointment set for next day. I got the agreement signed in the meeting at our normal structure commission, I didn’t even have to pay a bonus. Knowledge or information is everything the more you have the better decisions that you’re able to make.

By asking questions and listening to the answers you gain knowledge in conversations that can help you make better decisions.

I try and practice this throughout life.

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