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Social Media Tracking – Social Media Growth – Are We Ready?

Social Media Tracking has fast become a part of normal activities during the every day use on a mobile device.

Are we ready for Social Media Growth that over comes security and safety?

Have you heard the term SoLoMo SOcial-LOcal-MObile.

SoLoMo is the metrics that social media tracking site operate off of its there core. Social media tracking networking platforms are emerging at a fast pace and most of them use social tracking to offer an array of different features. The type of social platform they are designed for are mobile devices called App’s. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and all the others have quickly rolled out their GPS+social interaction+Mobile Apps. These social interactions on the go is what’s making large corporations change there direction of marketing. That is one one of the contributing factors to the industry’s dynamic social media growth.

GEO location search and check-in technology are features of social media tracking Apps The Apps allow the device user to connect with businesses in close proximity to them. The premise with these social check-ins is the ability to connect with lots of people “Friends” in common local places to eat, drink ,hangout etc. Merchants that list there business on these social platforms can promote there services in a socially engaging way. Social Apps allow users to check in at favorite places, find local events, and hear what the true locals have to say about their city.

The Thought behind SOLOMO is that local members of social networks know their own city best, so visitors can log in to their favorite social network see what other users on that social network recommend. Check-in based social media tracking networks like Foursquare provide a fun way to learn about social hot spots in your city.The social users who frequent the same local spots actually end up doing the heavy lifting of your SoLoMo Campaign. They do it by simply signing in and interacting with their friends. The common tweet or post is a review. Maybe of a restaurant or service they recently had. When they post, like, pin-it, or check-in they are leaving a distinct message to search engines that ” this is a good product” or bad depending on the review.

If you own a business, and you don’t have a Foursquare Profile for your business you are missing out on a low estimate 50 new customers a month.Be a part of the social media growth cycle.

That’s 600 new customers per year.

How much is 1 new local loyal social customer worth to your business. In a week=$5/month=$20/year=$240 for one new customer. Learn More about SOLOMO

Two other great SoLoMo networks that have Social Media Tracking are Yelp and Google Local which yous to be called Google places/maps. Both social apps operate with similar functionality: users turn the app on, and it notifies them they are connected. Then they would search for something like movie tickets or Mexican food. The resulting pages would be, the most relevant business or businesses close to your current location. reviews, Address, pictures, video all types of content is displayed to the user. When you’re near friends, some apps will notify you of their proximity so that you can interact with them. When browsing the app for nearby local venues there are typically many filters to allow you to drill down on the business type you are looking for.New social media networks are providing a great way to meet people with common interests. the social-local-mobile networks have the ability to bring total strangers together in unprecedented ways and bring new business to your storefront with very little effort. Be part of social media growth its happening with our with out you. The major problem with these apps like Foursquare that promote checkin is the lack of privacy that comes from displaying your location. Someone could stalk you or even wait for you at places you’ve posted that you would be at or known to frequent. Checking in away from your house, you signal to burglars that you’re not home and your house is free for taking.

Social Media Tracking - Social Media Growth

The possibilities of new SoLoMo Apps are exciting, users need to remember to not over share, and always be carefull who they connect with and what information they share publicly.

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